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Over the next three months, we will be updating the labels of each of our Teas (Sassafras, Green, Raspberry and Peach) to reflect the next generation of quality teas and infusions from Pappy’s and Ancient Infusions.   

The current formulas and UPCs are not changing.  This should simply be a flow through change as no nutritional or ingredient labeling is changing, nor is the identifying UPC. There will  be no UPC Changes.

(The only exception will be removing Red Dye #40 from the raspberry formula, which will not change the nutritionals)

In addition to updated labels, we will be introducing two new concentrates in line with our respect for ancient people’s traditional remedies:  Yerba Mate and Rooibos

Our goal is to represent, in a convenient liquid concentrate form, the best traditional infusions each continent has to offer:

North America Sassafras

Asia Green Tea

South America Yerba Mate

Africa Rooibos

We will also continue to offer our traditional summer favorites Raspberry and Peach Tea Concentrates

The new lineup will look like this!

Ancient Infusions LLC  * 100 Homestead Ave Hillboro Ohio 45133   *  [email protected]

Here is a Sneak Peak at our New Labels and Flavors

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