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Sassafras Tea Concentrate
North America’s Original Tea
And Health Beverage

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Green Tea Concentrate
Asia's Original Tea
And Health Beverage

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Black Tea

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Jared Schubert ---
The Monkey Wrench, Louisville** **

“I use it with almost every aged spirit—whiskey, añejo tequila, rums, and gins. The older the better. Sassafras has a woody quality, with a high note like mint or absinthe. It's a rock star in a mint julep and brings more depth to a Sazerac. Just a little dash will do you—trust me.”

I love this product. My grandmother used to make sassafrass tea for us as children. Pappy's is an easier and safer version of the tea we drank from the boiled root. I drink it plain mixed into my water bottle and I do love the flavor. I appreciate the fact it is a family made product produced right here in the USA.

Cathy R. 

Google Review

Took a chance on it and LOVE THIS! It is a good clean flavor and I'm a fan for life!

Sabra. A

Facebook Review

It is pretty much impossible to get piece of Sassafras root these days! However, Pappy's Sassafras Tea Concentrate is just about the next best thing! I have been using it for years. Great stuff. Stores easily and tastes great! Also, very good for you...eases sour stomach, dyspepsia, gas, and a whole lot more! Well, that's what folks used to think...I happen to like the way it tastes!

Hannah F.

Amazon Review


Walmart online purchaser

Just a quick note to tell you what a great product your Sassafras Tea is.  It is the most pleasant, old-fashioned, subtle taste in the whole world.  It really is the perfect mix-in for a gentle, relaxed smile at the end of the day. I mean a hot cup of Pappy's Sassafras Tea puts the good in good night.


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