Why A Concentrate


Have you ever looked at the ingredients in your favorite bottled beverage and realized that the product is something like 90% water? That means that the cost of the product that you spent your hard earned money on is wrapped up in packaging and moving around all that water! Think of the cost efficiency if you could bottle and move around only the 10% of the ingredients that make up the taste, color and functional ingredient in the beverage.

The environmental impact of our concentrates is significantly less than any ready to drink beverage. Yes, our bottles are made of plastic and we are working toward a more sustainable answer, but each bottle of our tea concentrate makes up to 12 cups of delicious tea, keeping up to 11 extra plastic bottles out of the waste stream.

Using a concentrate also means far less carbon emissions are emitted in the transportation of our teas per serving compared to a ready to drink.

Overall, concentrates are a win-win for consumers and the environment! Please don’t forget to reuse or recycle the bottle when you are finished enjoying your Ancient Infusions tea.

This is our choice. Let own it.

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